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VCO II VCO II front VCO II side VCO II side


Your daily workhorse oscillator or LFO.

Fully analogue CEM3340 design, based on our proven 1982 vintage VCO.
Wide-ranged, yet easily tunable thanks to its clever Range/Span switch combo.
Extremely stable & drift-free, with rock solid tracking over 10 octaves.

Outputs a clean Sine, plus five other waveforms, simultaneously.

It has a ton of controllable cv inputs, so you'll never run short on modulation possibilities.
Two exponential FM inputs, one of which has a bipolar control. A linear FM input is available as well, and two 1V/Oct inputs give you the possibility to transpose your sequences. The obligatory PWM input is at your disposal too, so you can generate ultra fat sounds with our unique pulsaw waveform.
Soft- and hard sync inputs are available at the same time, for those moments when utter screaming mayhem seems the right thing to do.

Switch it to Low Range so you can modulate your other VCO II's in 45 second cycles, if things need to go real slow. Though you can push the LFO into shattering bass territory as well.

Given its affordability, polished behaviour and good looks, we think you'll need three of these.