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ÆMIT [ih-mit] designs and develops Eurorack modules with a fresh approach to traditional modular synthesis.

Though firmly rooted in the origins of electronic music, our modules do not shy away from using modern technology, which gives us the opportunity to add unique & novel features to enhance the experience.

Every ÆMIT module is designed by musicians, for musicians - playability is key.
Form and function support and enhance each other, and are equally important.
Almost every parameter is directly accessible, fully controllable, and precisely adjustable.
A consistent panel layout throughout helps the artist to focus on the sound, and explore new territory without getting lost in the advanced technology behind it.

We adhere to a focused single-function approach for each module, yet carefully crafted to get the most out of it without compromise. We avoid crossover functionality and hidden features -- what you see is what you get is what you hear.

ÆMIT does not borrow from, or copy existing designs.
Every module starts as an original idea sparked by an ongoing quest to improve upon established processes. "How can we make this better, more useful for the discerning synthesist, more… musical ?". We then build it up from scratch, drawing from decades of experience in hard- and software development and user interface design. Prototypes get tested over and again, and are constantly referenced against the idea that started it, until everything is proven valid, and the module can metamorph into a mature product which is "just perfect".

Some of our modules feature unique functionality not available anywhere else, inviting the intrepid musician to "boldly go where no synthesist has gone before"…

All products come with an extensive user manual and patch examples.

ÆMIT built its first modular synthesizer system in 1981.
It still works.